Future styling, today's Nissan Leaf

Charge up your drive with the 100% electric All-New 2018 Nissan LEAF


Future styling, today's Nissan Leaf

The Japanese auto giant Nissan will make its 2nd generation car LEAF debut in India in the current fiscal. Nissan India President Thomas Kuehi told Autozfry that they are going to launch the Future styling, today’s Nissan Leaf 2 soon.

The one that has launched everywhere around the world and its one of the top selling electric cars in the world.

Future styling, today's Nissan Leaf

Future styling, today’s Nissan Leaf

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Although, Nissan Leaf will come up with lot more new features and styling, it costs much as it will be imported as a completely built up unit.

Market Experts said importing the unit burdens steep taxes on such vehicles. They estimate the on-road price to be in the range of Rs. 35-45 lakh in India. Irrespective of its estimated price.

The company’s goal is 1 million electrified Nissan cars on the road by 2022 for a better tomorrow.

Future styling, today's Nissan Leaf

Features that will rock

The 2018 Nissan Leaf was chosen as the best green car of the year at the Atlanta International Auto Show. Moreover, its ProPILOT Assist helps keep you centered and a set distance from the car ahead.

Future styling, today's Nissan Leaf

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