Polo Pace tops volkswagen in the hatchback race in India


The new dynamic polo pace tops Volkswagen in the hatchback race in Indian market.

Power, on command

Definitely the streets of India will never feel the same again. Heads will turn. Jaws will drop. Heartbeats will race and respect will follow. The Volkswagen new Polo pace has arrived. Powerful ‘Pace’ is dominant on road and ready for anything you throw at it. All on your command!

Power-packed inside

The new Polo looks as formidable as it drives. Its built like every other Volkswagen car – sturdy, robust and precise! Right from its sporty, yet premium exteriors to clean and ergonomic interiors, everything in the Polo is crafted for one thing only – your comfort.

Power to you

Style meets technology in the Volkswagen Polo, with the inclusion of advanced tech designed to make your experience an absolute pleasure.


Prices ranges starts from Rs. 5,41,800 to Rs. 8,78,300 (Ex. showroom price)

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